Introduction: Before entering the Pangasius and Seafood production, NAM THANG has a long history over 10 years to produce instant noodles under trade mark NAM THANG and distribute all over the country and for abroad exportation. Instant noodles are popular in Vietnam, where they are often eaten as a breakfast food. Both wheat and rice noodles are common. The instant noodle brand name NAM THANG continued to be loved by its customers, with the kraft paper packs of instant noodles from the beginning. With just some traditional instant noodle products from the beginning of operation, so far NAM THANG products have been developed variedly, including over 20 different food processing products, in order to satisfy best the customers’ requirements and tastes.


At present, with the staffs of experts and highly skilled workers who have been long experienced in food processing production and commerce, NAM THANG has supplied mainly instant noodle products to domestic and foreign markets, including many designs and different flavours, containing Eastern Asian specific traits, such as chicken, shrimp, crab, pork, beef, duck, miscellany, mushroom, vegetable, hot and sour shrimp…etc…

With modern laboratories and quality control system, our company has produced many new products with high quality, ensuring food hygiene safety and completely trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

- Noodle: Wheat flour, shortening, salt, sugar
- Soup base: Salt, sugar, edible oil, spices, shrimp powder, flavour.

Beef Steak

Chicken Flavour

Barbecue Flavour

Fried Shrimp with
Tamarind Sauce Flavor

Mixed Flavour

Sour-Hot Shrimp Lavour

Sour-Hot Mixed Flavour

Shrimp Lavour Instant Noodle

Seafood Flavour

Mushroom Flavour

Pork Flavour